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Beautiful Art for Your Home, Garden or Business

Turn your space into a work of art with metal sculpture by artist Jennifer Corio and craftsman Dave Frei, co-owners of Cobalt Designworks. Together they design and build sculptures for public and private collections using a wide variety of metals, fabrication techniques and finishes. The artists have mastered the daunting task of transforming a cold, rigid material like metal into graceful forms of movement and flow. Their use of bold colors, soft curves and clean lines lends an air of sophisticated playfulness to any space, interior or exterior.

From small pedestal pieces to monumental works of art, their sculptures add an inviting focal point and eye-catching surprise to a wide array of spaces; homes, courtyards, gardens, offices, business lobbies, hospitals, shopping centers, and outdoor public spaces, just to name a few.

There are two ways to own a Corio Frei sculpture.

  1. Find a sculpture you like on this website; most designs have small edition sizes of 5 to 10. Because each piece is individually built by hand we are able to make them in varying sizes to best fit your space.
  2. We also work on a commission basis and can design something unique to suit your authentic style and needs.

Start collecting today!