Bright Colorful Sculptures: Metal with Hue

I love metal when it is richly oxidized, either by the slow force nature or by a much quicker patina process.  Earthy tones are in right now for sure; people love rust, antique bronze and the oil rubbed look. One client wanted large vessels that looked like they were “just pulled out of an old barn, forgotten for decades”.

But I have discovered COLOR.  Light, bright, shiny color.  We live in the Pacific NW where the sun only shines for 3 months…if we’re lucky.  It’s rainy.  It’s dreary.  It’s why so many here suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (and it’s called SAD for a reason).

We could all benefit from a little more brightness in our days, and this is why I have incorporated color into my sculptures.

We achieve our color by powder coating our sculptures, carefully choosing from a dizzying array of hues & textures. The technology has changed tremendously from the days you could only choose from a few basic colors. Powder coating can now compete with lacquer in terms of color variety, plus it’s a greener choice because it contains no solvents. This allows us to keep true to our commitment of treading lightly.

I can’t talk of powder coating without mentioning our supplier, Masic Industries, and Chris Scilia. Even though we challenge Chris often with our custom metal work, he works closely and patiently with us to ensure an exceptional finish every time. We’ve all learned a lot in the process, and Dave has even changed some of his fabricating processes to allow for more efficient painting and better coverage.

We owe a lot to powder coat, Masic and Chris for helping us brighten the world with colorful sculptures!

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