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Art as place-making.

Jennifer Corio & Dave Frei love creating art on a large scale.  We welcome the challenge that size and complexity bring because along with our artistic talents we also get to exercise our process & logistic skills and exercise both sides of our brains.

The artist-craftsman duo have created many large artworks which are displayed up and down the west coast.  We’re always honored to share our art with the community; we believe publicly accessible art is a valuable asset on several levels:

  • It’s art that everyone can enjoy, even those who don’t otherwise have much exposure to art in their lives
  • It can jumpstart conversations between people regardless of, and often because of, differing points of view.  It connects people, evokes emotions and makes us think.
  • It creates cultural vitality.  People are drawn to neighborhoods that have that artistic buzz, and when people come other businesses see the opportunity and set up shop. Soon the neighborhood has its own thriving local economy.

Enjoy our gallery of installations of public metal art.




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