Ways to Personalize Your Exterior Stair Railing

Lately many people are asking for exterior stair railings, not necessarily because they need one themselves, but because an aging family members chided,

When are you going to get a railing I can hold onto so I don’t fall and break my neck?

Who wants that kind of guilt & liability?  An investment in a well-made, sturdy railing helps allay those fears while making your visitors feel secure as they approach your house.  A functional rail need not be boring nor take away from your home’s curb appeal.  On the contrary a well-chosen railing can add to your home’s charm while highlighting your unique sense of style.

Cobalt Designworks has a series of decorative railings that allows you to liven up your entryway.  Never overdone, our rails have simple lines embellished with eye-catching design elements.  Here I’ve highlighted three of our more popular styles.

Our Salmon Railing is a favorite among fisherman and those who honor salmon as the Pacific Northwest’s greatest icon. This particular exterior stair railing is finished with a pearlescent bronze power coat.
Jumping salmon adds a unique touch to your railing or gate


Our Maple Leaf Railing highlights the delicate leaves of Japanese lace leaf maple trees, a perennial favorite of gardeners and lovers of beauty.


Ribbit Rail is for those who love water and the cute amphibians that inhabit it. This particular railings has a richly textured hammer tone powder coat for durability & protection.
Frog adds a personal touch to your metal railing


If any of these railing styles piqued your interest please contact us at jennifer@cobaltdesignworks.com or call 360 281-5619.  And remember we do custom work as well if your have your own ideas.

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