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Cobalt Designworks’ New Metal Art Shop!

Cobalt Designworks is making the move from our small <400 sq ft space that has served us well in incubating the business into larger more comfortable digs that will allow us to grow.  The single story cinder block building located in uptown Vancouver, WA was built in 1960 and has in the past been home [...]

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Treading Lightly

Dave and I view our business as an extension of who we are, so it only makes sense that we extend our passion for sustainability to the work we do.  Cobalt Designworks contributes to the health and well-being of Mother Earth in a myriad of ways: Our heirloom-quality architectural metalworks will last for generations. Metal [...]

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Ornamental Metal Gate Greets Lavender Lovers

Many of you have been keeping up with our driveway gate project  for owners of a new lavender farm in Woodinville, WA (Woodinville Lavender).  We recently installed it and wanted to share pictures of the final work of art.  The steel frame is powder coated with a faux rust color texture. The steel panels have [...]

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Public Sculpture for Bremerton, WA

Back in February of 2009 we received an exciting email that started like this:  Dear Jennifer & Dave:  Congratulations!  You have been chosen as one of the artists in the Sculptures on Pacific Avenue Project in Bremerton, Washington! This kind of news is music to the ear of any artist trying to make it in [...]

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Client as Artist, Metal Railing as Canvas

We recently created and installed this simple metal deck railing for clients in NE Portland.  Simple yes, but unique & stunning still the same due to the creativity of our clients.  They wanted to add an assortment of handmade colored glass tiles to the railing but didn’t know quite how.  After talking through some ideas we decided on [...]

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Graceful Design from Gracewood Studio

Patrick Gracewood’s designs and sculptures have always enchanted me with their beauty.  He captures images from the natural world simply & evocatively.  These images turn up in his bas relief, fine art sculpture and architectural restorations.  Patrick’s versatility as an artist awes me, and I hope that one day some of his designs will “grace” our own ornamental metal [...]

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Driveway Gate — Work in Progress

A glimpse of what’s going on in the shop these days — a driveway gate & walk-through gate for clients who run a lavender farm in Woodinville, Washington.   As they prepare to open their farm to the public they need a stout & eye-catching driveway gate to 1) attract, impress & spark curiosity as people [...]

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Shapely Two Progresses

Now comes the fun part.  I get to take the laser cut steel panels I showed you in the previous post and begin to form them into their intended shape.  When we built the first Shapely I chose to construct an internal armature to support the 16 gauge shell (shown in the next two pictures) .    

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From a Child’s Eye; Our Son’s Foray into Metal Art

Our young son has always been a creative gift giver (a trait he must have gotten from his dad). The idea behind his new line of gifts started last year when he wanted to make something in the shop for his Grandma J. for her 80th birthday. Idea in mind, he sat down and drew [...]

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Shapely Two Takes Shape

Although not done, Shapely Two is coming along well.      What I had hoped to do with this project was share with you how we create one of our box construction metal sculptures and journal my thoughts along the way.  Clearly I got ahead of myself and a lot of work has already occured to [...]

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