Dave Working

Dave Frei has always been a craftsman. Farm-raised and with a love for mechanics, Dave started honing his metal fabrication skills at a young age by tooling on cars — customizing old ones, building dragsters for his racing habit, and trailers to haul them on. Even after landing a corporate job as a mechanical engineer, he continued to be the go-to-guy amongst his circle of friends for anything metal.

Jennifer WorkingJennifer Corio has always been creative, but not always an artist. Choosing the paths of engineering and marketing, Jennifer used her creativity and business savvy in the high-tech world. Feeling a pent-up creative urge, she left corporate life in 2001 to reacquaint herself with the right side of her brain. After taking a few welded sculpture classes, she was hooked and has been creating personal and public works of art ever since.

In 2007 the couple decided to follow their hearts and test their marriage by merging their skills and launching a custom metal work business. Jennifer is the designer, business manager and marketer. Dave engineers the designs and builds them using his wide range of skills and his respect for fine craftsmanship. They are yin and yang. Dave is about lines and angles, Jennifer, curves and flow. Together they create a dynamic balance of art, design and workmanship.

The duo acts on their passion for the environment by being conscious of the impact of all their business processes. They are committed to minimizing Cobalt Designworks' footprint on the Earth.